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Sacred Places on Maui Tour

"People strive to set themselves apart from the rest of the world to recognize and be recognized by their God."

"Man has used his greatest efforts in creating his worship places."

"There is much that unites people through their religions and the ways they search for God."

- Dr. Val Brinkerfoff, Author of "Sacred Places"




Sacred Light of Maui

Lahaina Buddha Statue


Lahaina Buddha Statue

This is the second largest statue of Buddha, the �Enlightened One�, outside of the Orient. Imagine the self-discipline that was acquired by the many adherents who have dedicated their lives at this Jodo Mission. Learn a little of this spiritual leader�s life and legacy.


Sacred Wife of Kamehameha, the Great

See Keopualani�s gravesite, in the yard of the oldest Christian Church on Maui (1823), along with that of her �sacred daughter�, Nahienaena and understand why they are called �Sacred�.




Keopuolani Grave Lahaina

Mokuula Lahaina


Once there was a pond, called Mokuhinia, home of a powerful Water Spirit in the form of a female lizard. A tiny island in the pond, Moku�ula, was for decades a home of Maui chiefs and residence of three Kamehameha Kings. Learn why the ancients revered this place, what happened to this island and what the future holds for Moku�ula.



Olowalu Petroglyphs

These ancient Hawaiian stone carvings capture a moment in time in the lives of the Polynesian people who lived here over 300 years ago. What message were they trying to relay to us? Climb up for a closer look.


Oluwalu Petroglyph


Iao Valley State Park


Iao Valley

Sacred burial ground of the Royalty of old Hawaii. Some say that this area is sacred even to other island groups in Polynesia and they also brought their Royalty here for burial. Hear of the significance of the �Needle�.


Tibetan Dharma Stupa and Temple

The 14th Grand Dalai Lama came to Maui for two days in 2007 to bless this Buddhist outdoor shrine. The highest Buddhist goal is to combine perfect wisdom and compassion for the benefit of others. Turn the Wheel of Life and add your prayers to those of thousands who pray for peace.



Tibetan Dharma Center Paia maui

Father Damien of Molokai


Statue of Newly-Sainted Father Damien of Molokai

Stroll the lovely gardens and architecture of The Holy Rosary Catholic Church and learn of the faith and sacrifice this Father displayed that caused him to be elevated to the status of a Saint in 2010.



The Pulehu Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

This is the oldest LDS Chapel in Hawaii. A nearby stream is where the first LDS baptisms in the archipelago were performed in 1850. Miraculous events and manifestations are said to have occurred at this place. You are welcome to enter and feel the spirit that prevails here.


Pulehu Chapel Maui

Madonna of Iao

Healing Madonna of Iao Valley

She stands in the Portuguese Garden but people of many nationalities bring their wounds to her for healing. Sit a while and perhaps cast your cares upon her, she and her Son are willing to help.

Kihawahine at Launiupoko

From this sacred mountain, islands are said to have been born. Majestic and serene, no greater natural monument has been cited for the respect of the sacred female gift to create life. And on the other side of the mountain, the male gift to produce life.

Laniopoko Maui



Kaahumanu Church Maui




Queen Ka�ahumanu Christian Church

After attending a service in the �Hale� style church that first graced these grounds in 1832, Kamehameha the Great�s favorite wife, Maui-born Ka�ahumanu, asked that a more permanent structure be built and named after her. It was done in 1876. See the grave of the �Blind Saint�, Pua�aiki, and the miracles of his new God, Jehovah.




Haleki�i and Pihana Heiau Mount

Haleki�i , the Image House and Pihana, also known as Pihanakalani, the Gathering of the Supernatural, are said to have been built in 1260 AD. Heiau are Temples that had many uses but were significant places of worship for ancient Hawaiians. At the death of King Kamehameha most were demolished as the old religion was dismantled.


Halekii and Pihana Heiau Mount



Paia Zen Temple

Mantokuji Soto Zen Temple of Paia

Japanese mission and graveyard sit on these grounds, built in 1927. Zazen, or sitting meditation, is the primary practice of this sect. People come here to find their true natures and strive to become Buddha. Bon dance to honor the dead are held here each year to the benefit of the community.


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�What could be more important than helping to connect people with their Creator?�

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